Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Good morning everyone!   I hope that you are having a wonderful morning so far!   I just want to take a couple of seconds to welcome all of the new viewers who have found their way to my little corner of the blogosphere!   Please pour yourself a nice hot cup of coffee and spend some time checking out the place.   I hope that you find something that you like.   Also thank you so much to all you guys who regularly stop by to see what is going on!   You are the ones who keep this blog going.  Without you, I would have lost hope a long time ago!  So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

As I stated yesterday, very very busy week at work with Mother's Day on Sunday!  (reminder to get something ordered up for your mama!)  With the hubby and I being out of town for most of last week, I didn't realize exactly how busy.   We have fairly large parties every day this week and then on Saturday, M-day of course as well as 2 huge parties and then another Huge party on Monday.  So having Sunday off to spend with mom is currently in question.   I'm going to have my boss tell my mom that I won't be there for lunch....I sure ain't telling her!!!

Anywho,   thanks again for stopping by!   Have a fabulous day and I will talk to you guys laters!


ps  don't you wish you could spend the day with dat ass!!  :)

1 comment:

  1. Yep we are busy also! And you are so right about that ass! I could lick on it all day long.


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