Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Night -- Sweet Dreams

Happy Halloween -- Time To Put On That Sexy Costume!!!

And some others NSFW after the break

A Sexy Near Naked Vampire!!! BITE ME!!! PLEASE!!!

Video of the Day!! This Is Halloween

Who Didn't See This One Coming?? Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce!!

Ryan Seacrest, TMZ, OMG Yahoo and practically everyone else is reporting that today Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband, Kris Humphries, citing irreconcilable differences.  72 lasted 72 days!!!   I'm sure that there was an office pool going somewhere on this one!  I mean honestly, all these people scream about upholding the sanctity of marriage and we have people who spend millions on a wedding, have it covered by practically every magazine, news station and a 4 hour television special and then divorce in less than 3 months.  That right there folks is your "sanctity".   Or we have people who tell wife #3 while she is laying in a hospital bed dying of cancer that he is marrying his mistress / soon to be wife #4.   Honestly, the list goes on and on!

Deep down in my gut, I feel that the Kim & Kris wedding was nothing more than a publicity stunt.  Something to get ratings for television shows and a hell of a lot of money in the bank selling the rights to photos, stories, etc.  It is sad, that everyday, we fight for marriage equality.  Just a chance to publicly be accepted with the person that we love and want to spend our lives with and all the while, we have people who are marrying for nothing more than to get their name on the news and stay in front of the public eye for a few seconds longer than their 15 minutes.   I makes my heart ache!!

Model Monday - Trevor Adams Again

I just have so many amazing pics of Trevor Adams that I need to share them with you.  If you like, please rate and leave a comment!  If you want to see previous posts of Trevor, you can see them here and here.

Plus for an added bonus ... some NSFW after the break

Most Amazing Halloween Costume EVER!!

As many of you know, Heidi Klum and her sexy husband Seal have an amazing Halloween party every year.  Their costumes are almost always absolutely amazing and are talked about every year.

But this year, Miss Thang worked that Halloween costume shiz out!!!!   This is just absolutely awesome!!

Happy Halloween -- Awesome Pet Costumes!

bless this poor poodles heart!!   I do hope that it killed it's owner while they slept for doing this to it.

Good Morning Everyone!

I do hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend.  I guess most of the Halloween parties happened this past weekend and I hope that most of you are not suffering this morning from taking in way to much festivity.  We had a rather quiet weekend here at the rainbow rooms.  Ran a few errands, caught up on some television shows.  Which by the way, American Horror Story just gets creepier and better with each new episode!  LOVE IT!

I made a very large pot of stew yesterday and we invited a good friend over for dinner.  Had a wonderful visit and it was so nice catching up with him and everything he has been doing.  We definitely need to get together more often.

So today is Halloween which means that in just a few weekends I have permission to officially start pulling out all of the fabulous xmas decorations!   Can not wait!!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week and a fabulous day!!


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