Friday, March 1, 2013

James Wells Naked In Spartacus!

We all love us some 'Spartacus' and I for one am going to miss the show and all over it's gratuitious nudity, homoerotic episodes and all around hotness when the series ends later this spring.  Recently, during an episode the very very hot New Zealand actor James Well bared all in naked glory and though it has been widely debated as to whether his 'magic cock' was real or fake .... I still enjoyed it!!!  And yes it is a magic cock, cause it sure did some magic on my ummmmmm... hocus pocus!!

See James Wells Naked In The Spartacus Episode
After The Break!!!


  1. I think the rather considerable bush makes it suspect since most of the others we've seen on this show have either been shaved or closely cropped.


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