Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good Night -- Sweet Dreams

Joe Jonas Shirtless in Movember!!

Awesome Video -- It's Time

Australian organization 'Get Up' to fight for marriage equality has released this video campaign.  Heads are going to need kleenex!!  It is absolutely beautiful!!

Xmas Decorations -- Cock Not Included!!

Possibly More Naked Chris Meloni Coming Soon!

Rumors have it that the very sexy Chris Meloni who has starred in the shows 'Oz' and 'SVU' is in talks to join the next season of 'True Blood'.  I have been a big fan of Chris ever since he bared it all in the very erotic HBO prison show 'Oz'.  Now he may possibly be baring more to see as a very sexy powerful vamp.  Here is what had to say about it...

TVLine has learned exclusively that the former Law & Order: SVU front man is circling what my sources are calling a “major role” in the show’s upcoming fifth season.

But what role? An HBO rep declined to comment, but I hear Meloni — who’s currently shooting a top-secret role in The Man of Steel — is in talks to play (duh) an incredibly powerful vampire.

If a deal comes to pass, this would be a major casting coup for True Blood. It would also mark a high-profile return to the small screen for Meloni following his sudden departure from SVU last spring.

For those who need to remember those amazing naked pics of Chris in Oz....take a peek after the break

Happy Hump Day!!

Kellan Lutz Movember Mohawak & More

Ok...just saw these pics of Kellan Lutz with a mohawk and mustache/goatee and then shaved head with the m/g over at Towleroad and I just have 15 words to say...


Rugby Star Sacha Harding Gets Naked

Via Advocate

Rugby star Sacha Harding has bared all for a photo shoot for the U.K. magazine Gay Times to support Elton John’s AIDS foundation.

“AIDS is such a devastating disease for so many people around the world and I was honored to get this opportunity to try and do my part to help raise awareness of the disease and ultimately save lives," Harding says.

Last year Harding, who plays with Bedford Blues, was also voted "Britain’s manliest man" after winning a nationwide competition organized by men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge.

Harding is one of 54 men to appear in the magazine's annual "naked issue." Darren Scott, the editor of Gay Times, says in a statement that he was delighted to feature Harding on the front cover. "How could we not have Britain's manliest man on our cover?" he asks. "Our readers do like their men to be real men! It's an absolute joy to have a straight rugby player be so willing to take part in a shoot for Britain's longest-running gay magazine."

Harding is happy to do help a cause he believes in. “I know I’m going to get some stick from the lads at Bedford but it’s all good fun and the whole campaign has a very serious message which needs promoting,” he says.

The Elton John Aids Foundation supports innovative HIV prevention programs, efforts to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS, and direct care and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.
Watch video of Harding's shoot and interview below.

Good Afternoon Everyone!!

Sorry for the delay in posting.  We had some unexpected changes to our travels yesterday and today.  We just walked in the door and even though we had a wonderful time visiting with our amazing friends, it is good to be home.  Of course with that comes a pile of laundry a mile high and a list of errands a mile long.  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week.   I have missed you guys!!   Muwah!



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gay Porn Filmed In Tent @ Occupy Oakland

I am pretty sure that this does not help the 'Occupy' cause in any sort of way, but come knew that it was coming.   Porns always go with great names that are plays on movie titles or other such titles.  I mean lets look at some of the great ones in the past,  including the very recently released 'Anthony's Weener' which was a play of words on the scandal regarding former Senator Anthony Weiner....and then there are these,

So now we have the parody ' Occupy My Throat' but the twist to this one is that it was actually filmed inside a tent at the Occupy site in Oakland.  The Advocate had this to say about it ;

Oakland, Calif. — "Dirty Boy Video" found a hopping new location to use as a backdrop for its latest gay porn video: the tents of Occupy Oakland.

The result is a video called "Occupy My Throat."

The company got the idea after seeing a story about the amount of sex happening at the original Occupy Wall Street camp in New York City's Zuccotti Park. One young man, Brandon Watts, talked to the New York Times about how he lost his virginity there.

"I offer you the opportunity to perform on our website, an opportunity to express yourself and your politics freely and without censor," Dirty Boy President Andrew Fine wrote to Watts. "Working together we can create a sexy, fun platform that inspires you, be that with other actors, actresses or both. Whether you choose to work with us or not, I salute your dedication and your courage."

Watts apparently did not respond.

While some on the left viewed the video as an unnecessary distraction from the issues being pushed by the Occupiers, others thought "Occupy My Throat" might actually have some value.

"We feel like this video could be a nice historical document in years to come, should the movement prove more than a flash in the pan," wrote LeFag.

via Wicked

25 Shopping Days Till Xmas -- Ben Cohen 2012 Calendar

Who wouldn't like to be able to have our favorite furry rugby player in our bed every day for a year??  Yeah well .. that probably isn't going to be possible but we can all settle to have beautiful pics of him hanging on our wall for the year.  Purchase the Ben Cohen 2012 Calendar and you will be able to enjoy  my next husband (shhhh...don't tell my current hubby) all year.  Also the proceeds from the calendar goes to help Ben's Stand Up Foundation.  Get your copy of the calendar at the foundations website here. 

Tighty Whitey Tuesday!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Good morning everyone!!  Sorry for the late post this morning, I am moving a little slow today.  We made it to Galveston just fine yesterday and hubby is currently away doing some business.  I am sitting in the hotel drinking another cup of morning coffee.  I hope that everyone is having a great day.  I just heard that yesterday Americans spent over one billion dollars on Cyber Monday specials on the internet.  I didn't get a chance to show yesterday but I am sure that I will be doing some shopping come this weekend.  Is everyone done with their shopping or have you even started?  Are you one of those people who wait till the absolute last minute to get your gifts?  Let me know what kinda xmas shopper you are?   Have a great day.



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