Thursday, December 1, 2011

Colton Haynes Naked Butt!!

Fresh, freckle faced Colton Haynes has finally blessed us by revealing that lickable butt in Showtime's 'Look'.  It appears that he is video taping his sexcapades with this very very lucky chick.  I would trade places with that bitch in a heartbeat!!  These are some pretty revealing photos and be warned that there is a naked lady in the screen captures so proceed with caution after the break.

via OMG


  1. HA HA HA Thanks for the warning about the naked lady!

  2. I'm in heaven! Ecstasy!! *hard

  3. I would spread his ass open and stick my dick so far up it and make him scream, then keep fucking the shit out of him until i Bust my cum all over his fat ass i would then suck his cock dry and go another round, i busted to these pics a lot of times, I'm in heaven!!!!

  4. Ummmm,,the third comment about his,"fat ass." How is that beauty of a butt fat?


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