Sunday, December 29, 2013

German Police Searching For Naked Motorcycle Rider

I read about this story earlier in the week, however there was no pics captured of the ride at the time so I didn't post anything about it.   Now, Ballerboyz has released a video of the ride and DAHM he is HOT!!!

The man, who goes under the name “Ballerboyz” on Facebook, said he would pull this nude stunt if he got 1,000 likes on his post. Apparently naked joyrides are frowned upon in Germany and the police are now “attempting to identify the rider for potential charges” for this “petty offense.” If Ballerboyz gets away with this, we would like to suggest changing his name to “Not So Petty Offense.” Get it?…We’re talking about penis size, here.

 via Wicked

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