Monday, August 26, 2013

Amazing Performance!!!!

via JMG

When musicians call audience members up on stage to perform with them, the results are usually fun but a little cringe-worthy. During the show, she [Chenoweth] called Southern California resident Sarah Horn to the stage and invited her to sing "For Good," a duet from the musical "Wicked." (Chenoweth, of course, played the original "Glinda"). Once on stage, Horn revealed that she is a voice teacher and loves musical theater. Still, it seemed that Chenoweth didn't truly understand who she had called to the stage. In the video, Chenoweth playfully instructs Horn to wait her turn. But as soon as Horn belts out her part, Chenoweth throws her hands up in the air. "Oh sing it, sing it!" said Chenoweth, laughing. Toward the end of the duet, Chenoweth exclaims again: "Holy crap, harmony!"


HOLY CRAP!!!   You can thank me later for the Monday morning cry!!!   Absolutely amazing!

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