Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hot & Sexy Out Country Singer Steve Grand!!

The blogosphere as been absolutely abuzz this week with the recently dropped country music video by out country singer, Steve Grand.   Once the blogs started doing their research it was quickly discovered that Steve had done quite a bit of underwear modeling under several different names.  Does this truly make any sort of difference or impact on the fact that his is officially coming out to the world in this , the first ever gay country music video, (although I have posted videos from several other "out" country singers before).  I just think this one is different because he is just so damn cute.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving Steve any fact I applaud him for his move and I think we might have a hit on our hands!   Especially if he models some really hot underwear on his CD cover  :)

More Hot & Sexy Pics Of Steve Grand
After The  Break!!!



  2. I just adore this song. Finally something fresh & breakin' boring styles in gay-music.
    He really can sing, such a talented guy. Plus: hard to deny - he's cute.


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